About Us

Because "Smash the Patriarchy Consulting" was too long

I’m Stefanie Taylor and I’m the founder of Lady Boss Consulting.

I founded Lady Boss Consulting because I know how hard it is to focus on growth strategies for your business while operating. After ten years of working in major retail organizations, I recognized a need for on-demand support for strategy, auditing, tactical planning and execution.

I’m a certified SCRUMMaster and Business Agility coach. My experience in Agile methodology and SCRUM Framework gives me a unique ability to support businesses who want to transform and adapt to an increasingly competitive landscape.

In the last ten years, I’ve held several leadership positions in marketing and e-commerce at great brands such as Musician’s Friend, Justice and Sears. I haveĀ a degree in journalism from the University of Tennessee. I’m anĀ eternal optimist who seeks out big challenges so I can laugh at myself and improve my patience and humility.

Check out my LinkedIn Profile for more information on my background and experience.